Exterior shutters and their importance

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Exterior shutters

The modern variant of the classic shutters, the exterior roller shutters have the role of bringing us extra comfort. Whether we are talking about security or intimidation, or we are only talking about additional protection against the vagaries of the weather, exterior shutters will always be an excellent choice.

Exterior shutters – privacy and security of your home

Whether you live in a new residential neighborhood on the outskirts of the city, or you live in the center, privacy in our own home has become almost a luxury. Large investors in construction no longer take this aspect into account and build living space next to living space. Exterior shutters thus become a very practical solution, especially since they can be mounted even on an already finished construction.

To meet your needs, Adam Design House offers a wide range of exterior shutters. Thus, you can enjoy privacy, protection, and safety, while benefiting from adequate ventilation.

An advantage of the exterior roller shutters is the safety they offer to the inhabitants. When the outer roller shutters are lowered, they lock, any attempt to break in being impossible. For this reason, exterior shutters are an excellent option for those of you who are used to traveling frequently or who leave home for longer periods of time (motorized exterior shutters can be programmed to close and open as if you were at home! ). Remember that, in addition to a quiet home, the exterior shutters also increase the value of your home. This is if you are thinking of making an investment in the future.

Exterior shutters and weather protection

The exterior shutters offer advanced protection against storms, having the role of protecting the windows from hail, heavy rain, and wind. Moreover, they will always be the ideal choice for protection against the sun’s rays, especially for those of you who have most rooms facing west.


Exterior shutters and energy efficiency

The climate is changing sharply in recent years and we are experiencing both violent storms and heatwaves during the summer. How many of you use air conditioning during the three to four summer months? We guarantee that each of you is among the millions of Romanians who pay more on the electricity bill during the summer because you use the air conditioning from when you get home from the office, until the evening when you go to bed or even all night to will be able to rest. In order to optimize the electricity costs, the specialists from Adam Design House propose the installation of exterior blinds. These will provide increased protection against the sun’s rays, but also adequate ventilation. This way you will have a cool home even during the summer, without having to use air conditioning.

In addition, in winter, the exterior roller shutters provide additional insulation for your home, thus reducing heating costs in winter. This is due to the air-insulating cushion between the roller blind and the window, as well as the airtight lining around the window area.

Exterior shutters and exterior appearance of the house

Exterior shutters do not change the structure and design of the building. They are found in a multitude of colors, shapes, textures, and styles. At Adam Design House you will surely find something that fits the architecture of your space, whether it is a home, office, or garage.

Know when choosing exterior roller shutters

The type of lamella (size, type of PVC or aluminum profile) is important when thinking about mounting exterior roller shutters. Mechanical resistance to pressure, protection against potential intruders (windows are the most vulnerable part of our house), thermal and sound insulation are given by the quality of the exterior shutters you choose.

Think about color when choosing your exterior blinds. These have the role of beautifying the living space.

Always consult a specialist when installing them. The Adam Design House assembly team offers you the guarantee of an impeccable assembly.


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