PVC joinery Ramplast

Ramplast PVC joinery involves the use of ecological, Romanian profiles, the profiles being extruded and using additives based on calcium-zinc, without lead or tin (toxic compounds for the human body as well as for the environment).

From the economic range, ADAM Design makes carpentry using the PVC Ramplast EcoThermLight profile.


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Ramplast EcoThermLight PVC profile series

What are the features of the PVC Ramplast EcoThermLight profile?


Ramplast EcoThermLight PVC profiles have 4 air chambers, 60 mm mounting depth and allow glazing with 24 mm double glazing.

The main advantages of Ramplast EcoThermLight PVC profiles:

  • the pentacameral structure of the main profiles;
  • class B profiles (minimum wall thickness of at least 2.8 mm);
  • heat transfer coefficient of 1.58 W / m2K for reinforced profiles;
  • sealing with two rows of gaskets;
  • 5 ° inner slope for better water drainage;
  • use of a single type of reinforcement for the main profiles.