Shading systems

Adam Design House - Sisteme de umbrire

The shading systems are ideal for both homes and terraces, they are specially created to ensure your comfort in all four seasons. They allow you to enjoy the outdoors for longer.


Adam Design House - obloane PVC

The shutters, as an integral part of PVC carpentry, are ideal for living spaces, increasing the safety and privacy of the space. Depending on the type of shutters chosen, you can adjust the intensity of the sun’s rays inside and you can enjoy increased thermal efficiency during the winter.


Adam Design House - Rulouri exterioare

The roller blinds are an integral part of a construction and one of the most important accessories for PVC joinery. They are available in different types and colors. The new systems allow the installation of roller shutters even after the completion of construction.

Mosquito nets

Adam Design House - plase de tantari

Mosquito nets are an accessory for PVC joinery and an optimal option to use against insects. They can be used for both doors and PVC windows but are adaptable to any type of carpentry. You can opt for three types of insect nets: hinge type, roller type or pleats, available in various colors, depending on the preferences of our customers.


ADAM Design House - glafuri

The window sills adapt perfectly to the design of your home, ensuring at the same time an extra functionality – it protects the wall from humidity but also offers a modern design for your home.

But be careful! The type of PVC profile chosen as well as their installation play a very important role in the functionality of the window sills. From this point of view, our sales consultants will advise you what type of window sill is suitable for both interiors and exteriors.


Adam Design House - rolete interioare.

Interior blinds (textiles) are used inside homes and give the room a modern design and high functionality. Roller shutters are another way to protect household objects from the sun’s rays during the summer. In addition, with their help you can create an intimate space, adjusting the light according to your preferences. The interior blinds are available in a wide range of colors and textures, adaptable to even the most demanding design.


Adam Design House - jaluzele interioare

Horizontal and vertical blinds are ideal for shading office spaces, offices, public institutions and are increasingly used for living spaces. The new design variants, colors and functionalities adapt perfectly to each need. More recently, due to the different design, horizontal/vertical blinds are also used to delimit the space of a room. They allow you to easily adjust the light you want in the room.

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