Guillotine terrace closing systems

Automated guillotine terrace closing systems

ideal for the terraces of outdoor cafes and restaurants or for residential outdoor spaces

Why choose ROYAL guillotine terrace locking systems?


Guillotine terrace locking systems allow a large window to be raised or lowered, either downwards to become a railing or upwards to become an access path. The guillotine window proposes an ingenious system, the vertical sliding, which gains ground quickly due to its versatility and novelty, especially in the hospital field. The operating system of the windows is motorized, and the glass with widths of up to 32mm provides high-performance thermal insulation.

ROYAL automated guillotine locking systems allow you to completely close or open the walls of your terrace. These are modular systems, specially designed to meet all design and space requirements. These systems use safety glass in accordance with European quality and safety standards, and the profiles used use stainless steel to ensure durability over time.

These guillotine sliding systems are ideal for residential partitions, shop windows, terraces of cafes and restaurants.


outdoor spaces will be more practical with this technology – perfectly automated guillotine system will allow efficient use of living spaces;

the fully automated system is easy to use;

allows panoramic views due to its large size;

serves as a railing.

Safety is a major issue to consider. The glass panels have a high weight, so the company uses a special system of screws that replaces the impediment produced by the use of cables, belts, or gears with chains and counterweights.

Guillotine terrace closing systems

practical, modern design, streamlines the space

Sisteme de inchidere tip ghilotina2
sisteme inchidere tip ghilotina
sisteme inchidere tip ghilotina

You can choose the following colors of the aluminum profile for the guillotine terrace closing system:

  • anthracite
  • gray
  • black

Guillotine terrace closing systems

Redefining an attractive, practical and modern exterior design

Whether you carry out a commercial activity: terraces, restaurants, cafes, pubs or you want an outdoor space that meets your needs in any season, ADAM Design offers practical solutions for each project as well as transport and warranty services for products. purchased from us.

We offer you:

  • consulting and customized solutions, adapted to your project;
  • warranty for the manufacture of the product;
  • transport.

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