Feronerie pentru tamplarie PVC

The PVC joinery made by Adam Design House uses a quality hardware, thus ensuring a finished product at high standards.

We work with two types of hardware, depending on the PVC profile used:

  • RotoNT HARDWARE for the Salamander range of PVC profiles – RotoNT hardware allows us to make a finished product of a superior quality. The new RotoNT hardware technology has certain features that allow it to be mounted directly on the reinforcement, thus eliminating the unsightly appearance of visible hinges or covers that can be easily detached. In addition, it has safety components such as the T-tipping mechanism or the anti-opening device.
  • VORNE HARDWARE for the range of Ramplast PVC profiles – VORNE hardware provides both vertical and horizontal openings for all types of PVC profiles in the Ramplast range.


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RotoNT PVC joinery hardware


RotoNT PVC joinery hardware is guaranteed to withstand a minimum of 15,000 opening cycles – (an average of 3 openings/closures per day results in a minimum life of 15 years), ensuring a high sealing and reliability.

The integrated systems of the RotoNT type hardware allow the opening of the windows in rotary, tilting, sliding swing type, and the guarantee of the quality of the handles is ensured by Secustik.

Adam Design House - feronerie tamplarie PVC

VORNE PVC joinery hardware


VORNE PVC joinery hardware provides all closing-opening systems on the market, which can be easily used for PVC doors or windows weighing up to 180 kg.

VORNE hardware offers the customer a wide range of accessories for PVC joinery, including hinges for PVC doors sumo or elephant type, creams in a wide range of colors, yale Kale, locking systems of 70 mm, 80 mm or 90 mm, all sizes of panels or gaskets.