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The windows of our house are chosen today according to the architecture of the house but also according to the color of the frame, the glass or its functionality, also contributing to a note of elegance in the final aspect of your home.

PVC windows from ADAM Design – quality guarantee

Adam Design House - ferestre PVC

The PVC windows made by ADAM Design meet the exigencies of our clients, exigencies related mainly to quality, safety but also to design. We offer the possibility to choose the desired PVC window models, using German quality profiles for the superior range – Salamander, Gealan PVC profiles but also profiles from the ecological range – Ramplast PVC profiles, on the dimensions requested by the client.
We also work with quality closing-opening systems: for the superior range of Salamander PVC profiles we use RotoNT systems, respectively VORNE for the ecological range of Ramplast PVC profiles. These systems are adaptable depending on the type of window chosen.


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What types of PVC windows you can choose


Adam Design House - ferestre PVC

Depending on your needs, ADAM Design offers a wide range of types of PVC windows depending on the opening mode. Here are the main types of PVC windows according to the opening method that ADAM Design offers you:

  • fixed PVC windows

Fixed PVC windows are those windows that do not open. That is why it is advisable to analyze carefully when you decide to install such a type of window because it has some drawbacks. One of them is that they are difficult to clean, and the second inconvenience refers to the way the room is ventilated. Of course, ADAM Design offers you different variants of combining this type of fixed window so that the investment is an efficient and long-term one.


  • PVC windows with single opening, also called PVC windows with swing opening

PVC windows with oscillating opening are those windows that have a single opening, horizontally. They are some of the simplest openings of the PVC window, but the price difference between a simple opening and an oscillating one is by no means significant, in addition, you benefit from a series of advantages in terms of ventilation or comfort of handling.

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  • PVC windows with oscillating opening

PVC windows with oscillating opening are those windows that open only vertically. These allow proper ventilation of the room. They are ideal where space could not allow you to effectively open the window, but PVC windows with oscillating opening are ideal in warehouses, warehouses, garages or attics.

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  • oscillating PVC windows

PVC window with oscillating swing opening is the type of window with an ideal opening and one of the most popular openings among our customers. This combines the two openings of the PVC window, respectively the simple opening and the oscillating opening. It has a number of advantages, among which we list: burglary protection; thanks to the additional opening-closing system you can leave the open window in a vertical position without any worries. In addition, if you are away and the window is open vertically, this type of opening will provide protection in case of unfavorable weather conditions.

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  • PVC windows oscillating sliding

The sliding oscillating PVC window is one of the latest types of openings. It practically combines the oscillating opening with the sliding one. The window will first open oscillating, vertically, then it will slide horizontally. This type of opening is very common in living rooms that have an entrance on a terrace, also in the case of panoramic doors. As I told you, they are very common in the case of PVC doors.

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  • PVC harmonic windows

The harmonic PVC window is the type of window that has certain systems that allow it to overlap the wings on top of each other, similar to a fan. These are ideal especially in places where a separation of spaces is desired. They successfully meet the most demanding tastes, giving elegance to the space and a thermal efficiency provided by the presence of sealing gaskets on the entire door surface. Moreover, in cases where it is desired to close the terraces, this system of harmonic windows can be easily used. Ideal for making them is the latest generation Salamander PVC profile system bluEvolution.

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In addition, you can choose the glass model according to your preferences and needs, having a wide range of types of double-glazed glass.