Balkan aluminum joinery

Balkan aluminum joinery

ADAM Design - wide range of products made on Balkan aluminum profiles

ADAM Design offers you a wide range of aluminum carpentry products made on top profiles such as BALKAN aluminum profiles, with a 100% Greek design, which ensures a guarantee of superior quality.
From the range of top aluminum profiles, ADAM Design offers products made on the BALKAN REGAL THERMO 262 profile, optimal systems that ensure increased thermal comfort, high noise protection, burglary safety, optimal technical solutions but also attractive design.

Aluminum Profile Balkan Regal Thermo 262

Profil aluminiu Balkan Regal Thermo 262

Why choose aluminum joinery made with the profile
BALKAN Regal Thermo 262?

low coefficient of thermal conductivity Uf = 2.30 W- 2.40 / m2K;
modern design and a balanced size that offers comfort, elegance, but especially a sense of security;
thermal insulation system using 26 mm polyamide “Ω” type for thermal breakage;
the frames have a width of up to 181 mm which offers the possibility to use double-glazed or trypan glass with a thickness from 12 to 42 mm;
three-chamber insulation system that ensures a high level of thermal insulation and sound insulation;
meets the most demanding requirements and needs by ensuring a finished product that works optimally, lasts over time and creates a pleasant environment;
wide range of colors.
Tamplarie aluminiu Balkan

Advantages of choosing the Balkan Regal Thermo 262 profile system


aluminum doors up to 70 mm high and up to 181 mm wide; 
wide range of connection angles; 
allows the construction of large glass surfaces; 
allows locking system for interior doors of hotels, banks, offices;
ideal for panoramic facades of offices, complex architectural ensembles, glass domes or even for various residential projects, where the sustainability factor plays a particularly important role;
high level of water tightness and air permeability.