Retractable aluminum systems

Retractable aluminum systems

ideal for awnings, terraces of cafes, outdoor restaurants or residential balconies

Sisteme retractabile aluminiu

What are retractable systems?


Retractable systems are shading systems specially designed to ensure your comfort in all four seasons. They allow you to enjoy the outdoors for longer.

ADAM Design House offers practical solutions to transform a closed space into a completely open one by using various retractable systems on aluminum profile. From retractable pergolas – ideal for the terraces of cafes and restaurants but also for residential homes, to systems specially created for closing balconies or terraces. They protect against high summer temperatures, harmful sunlight, rain and snow as well as other adverse weather conditions. They are automated, easy-care aluminum retractable systems that provide all the comfort you need.

Retractable aluminum systems for commercial and residential spaces

retractable pergolas, terrace closing systems - automated glass systems or harmonic systems

Pergole retractabile Adam Design

Retractable pergolas

ideal for residential or commercial awnings
sisteme inchidere tip ghilotina

Automatic terrace closing system

ideal for closing terraces or balconies
Sistem glisare usi armonic pentru inchiderea spatiilor exterioare

Harmonic sliding system

ideal for closing terraces or delimiting spaces

Retractable aluminum systems for commercial and residential spaces

Redefining an attractive, practical and modern exterior design

Whether you carry out a commercial activity: in terraces, restaurants, cafes, pubs or you want an outdoor space that corresponds to your needs in any season, ADAM Design offers practical solutions for every project. Wide range of retractable aluminum systems (retractable pergolas, automated terrace closures, balcony closures) as well as transport and installation services for products purchased from us.


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