Because we want to ensure a high quality of our products and after sales, Adam Design House, through our partners, will provide installation for PVC joinery. We ensure that the assembly of PVC joinery, through our partners, is carried out in the best conditions, in terms of compliance with the conditions of quality assembly.

What do the “quality installation conditions” mean for PVC joinery?

  • the use of special suction cups for handling large double-glazed windows;
  • special path and gates that will support the weight of the double-glazed glass to avoid unpleasant events;
  • teflon spatulas and teflon or rubber hammers so as not to scratch the PVC profile and double glazing;
  • the use of professional drills or rotary hammers for sufficient precision and power;
  • special steel self-tapping screws for stone, concrete, brick, and wood;
  • the best quality polyurethane foam with or without expansion, as the case may be;


Assembly services for PVC joinery are provided by Adam Design House partners with efficiency, precision, accuracy and speed!