The advantages of choosing double glazed windows

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Windows are more than a means of ventilation or creating a design in tune with the architecture of our home. They must also ensure optimal functionality, provide comfort and safety.

If you are thinking of choosing double-glazed windows, find out that they play an important role in supporting quality, comfort, and safety in a modern home, especially if you choose the latest generation of PVC profiles, such as Salamander bluEvolution 82 systems. respectively blueEvolution 73.

As you can see lately, the concept of “sustainable development” is increasingly being encouraged, and the PVC profiles used to make double-glazed windows will ensure an improvement in the long-term quality of life while contributing to the conservation of natural resources.


Advantages of double glazed windows?


1. Double glazed windows are energy efficient

Double glazed windows made of high-quality PVC profiles will ensure a high degree of energy-saving. How is this done?

PVC is a material famous for its insulating advantage and the thermal insulation coefficient plays an important role in the energy efficiency process. The lower its value, the greater the conservation of thermal energy. In this way, the costs of energy bills are reduced.


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2. Double glazed windows have an advantageous cost-benefit ratio

In addition to low energy bill costs, double-glazed windows have advantageous acquisition costs. They are the cheapest alternative with the greatest benefit during their life cycle. Wondering what is the lifespan of a double glazed window? Well, for over 50 years, because PVC is a material resistant to environmental factors, and its appearance does not undergo major changes over time.

3. Double glazed windows offer special sound protection

Due to the fact that they have a high noise attenuation index, double glazed windows are ideal for crowded urban areas, where noise pollution is most felt. Moreover, if you face such situations, you can opt for double-glazed windows specially created for the sound protection of your home.



4. Double glazed windows – ecological balance

The double glazed windows offered by ADAM Design are 100% recyclable. In addition, the durability and low level of pollution during the production of PVC profiles lead to the creation of an ecological balance and contribute significantly to environmental protection.

If you’ve ever wondered what percentage of gas and oil reserves are used to heat and power buildings, well, about 40%; instead, a tiny amount is used to make PVC profiles. 57% of PVC profiles are made of chlorine, derived from common salt, unlike other materials whose composition depends entirely on oil.

Considering the problem of global warming, PVC has the advantage of being a material with a minimum environmental load in terms of CO2 emissions compared to other products made of metal or glass, for example.



5. Double glazed windows require minimal maintenance

One of the advantages of double glazed windows is that they do not require special maintenance and most importantly – they do not create a growth environment for bacteria. However, double-glazed windows, in order to ensure a whole life cycle, need some maintenance.

Below, we present some recommendations regarding the attention you should pay to double-glazed windows:

  • Clean the water drainage holes at least once a year. Also, hinge lubrication is required periodically, thus being able to extend the service life;
  • In order not to absorb moisture and keep it tight, check the gaskets once a year and use a suitable solution to clean them every 6 months;
  • Maintain a healthy climate, ventilate the rooms several times a day so as to create a flow of cold air that helps prevent the appearance of mold;
  • Remove lime or mortar stains from the PVC profile, as this residue may damage the profile.

It turned out that the functionality is combined with the aesthetics and the double glazed windows are a popular choice due to the versatility offered, the availability in different shapes, colors so as to allow the adaptation to each architectural style of the house.

Depending on your needs, ADAM Design offers a wide range of types of double-glazed windows, models, and custom openings for each project. We offer consulting, measurements, transport and after-sales service.



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