Double glazing for thermal efficiency and durability

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Do you want double-glazed windows to fill your home with beautiful natural light? We all want it, but as the sunlight enters we want the money out of our pockets in the form of large heating bills, which will happen if these windows are not energy efficient. Double glazing is the most widely used solution for windows and can be found in almost every home. On the market, there are numerous models of double-glazed windows based on various technologies designed to improve the thermal coefficient and have a pleasant aesthetic appearance.


Models of double-glazed windows by typology

Clear double glazed windows

The advantage of choosing clear double glazing is the low acquisition cost; In addition, this model ensures a special dispersion of light. It is one of the basic models, often found in Romanian homes.

Reflective double glazing

Reflective double glazing, as the name suggests, offers a mirror effect. This model is preferred due to the main feature, namely that if the light from outside is much too strong compared to that from inside, it is prevented from entering the emissions. Also, the degree of intimacy increases, but at night the effect disappears.

Matte double glazed windows

Matte double glazed windows have the same main feature as reflective double glazed windows only that they have the advantage of maintaining their mirror effect at night.

Smoked double glazed windows

If you are a person who emphasizes the protection of plants or furniture, with the house facing the sun, double-glazed windows are the perfect model of glass because it rejects ultraviolet emissions.

Lowe’s double glazing

Lowe double-glazed windows offer superior insulation to other models because they prevent the penetration of high-wave radiation (heat) through low emissivity. For an additional insulating layer, lowe double glazed windows with argon and krypton were created.

Ornamental double glazing

Ornamental double-glazed windows are used to personalize the home; this model is perfect and can be found in both clear and matt glass, with various ornamental crystal effects, stained glass, etc.


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Models of double-glazed windows by manufacturer

Double glazed windows Gealan

Gealan double-glazed windows meet the latest standards in innovation. These were designed taking into account two very important aspects:

  • optimal energy efficiency;
  • optimizing the use of materials – for easy, economical processing.


VEKA double-glazed windows

PVC profiles VEKA are the world leader in the industry of PVC profiles for the production of insulating windows or doors. They provide your home with increased thermal comfort. With a slightly rounded design, well proportioned, it fits perfectly in the most varied architectural styles, whether it is a new construction or a renovated building.

Salamander double glazing

  • The double-glazed windows made on Salamander PVC profiles have the perfect formula of balance between design and functionality.
  • Adam Design House works with Salamander PVC profiles, made in Germany. In this way, a clearly superior quality guarantee and exceptional thermal and acoustic protection are ensured.
  • The two types of Brügmann bluEvolution 82 and Brügmann bluEvolution 73 profiles that Adam Design House works with, ensure the quality of the guarantee of our products; these PVC profiles allow the use of glazing with a double insulating glass of 24 mm and triple of 44 mm.

Ramplast double glazed windows

The double-glazed windows made on Ramplast PVC profiles have Romanian origin and are produced using extrusion technologies and high quality components.

ADAM Design makes carpentry using the Ramplast EcoThermLight PVC profile.



Tips for choosing the right double glazing

  • Double-glazed windows are a very important element for your home – a high-quality and properly installed double-glazed window ensures optimal thermal comfort and brightness. So before choosing them, consult the technologies of the profiles they use; also choose the type of hardware carefully so as to obtain long-term thermal efficiency and functionality.
  • Also, pay attention to the way the windows open – depending on the choice of these closing systems – opening you will also have increased comfort and ease of handling. Moreover, certain closing-opening systems are better suited to certain spaces.
  • In fact, it is very important to know that to choose a suitable PVC joinery it is not enough to choose the perfect double glazing but we must be very careful with the following elements: PVC profile, hardware, production, assembly, the experience of the company that sells or manufactures the product.


Conclusions before the end …

  • the choice of carpentry influences the durability of the product over time;
  • the choice of carpentry is closely related to the location of the home. The windows facing west and east must face higher outdoor temperatures during the summer and an excellent choice is the double glazing to repel ultraviolet rays. As for durability in relation to the resistance of the profile to environmental factors, Aluminum profiles behave best
  • the efficiency of double-glazed windows depends on at least two distinct elements: the hardware that must be lubricated at least once a year, and the products indicated are engine oil, normal Vaseline/silicone, and their adjustment depending on the season to maximize performance.
  • Maintenance is especially necessary when switching from the warm to the cold/reverse season.


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