Condensation of double glazing – causes and solutions

Condensul geamurilor termopan

What is condensation?

Condensation is a process by which water present in the atmosphere in the form of vapor is transformed into a liquid state. The amount of water we find in the atmosphere at a given time is relative and influenced by a number of factors including atmospheric pressure and temperature. But what happens in the case of condensation inside homes that are equipped with double glazing?


What are the situations in which the condensation of the thermopane windows appears


With the onset of the cold season, there are frequent situations in which humidity in homes becomes a real problem. Surely you often hear the phrase “double glazing promotes condensation“. Let’s tell you something – the statement is wrong. NOT double-glazed windows favor condensation, but the choice of inadequate PVC profiles, with a high heat transfer coefficient!

The higher this thermal coefficient, the higher the heat losses. In the case of choosing PVC profiles, such as those with 2 or 3 chambers, the heat transfer is high, and the temperature differences can favor the appearance of condensation. This phenomenon does not occur in the case of hexacameral PVC profiles, class A, where the thermal coefficient can decrease up to 1.0 W / m2K. From this point of view, ADAM Design offers its customers only PVC profiles with at least 4 air chambers, which prevents the appearance of condensation.

Another situation of condensation production can be favored by the choice of double glazing. It must meet a number of characteristics in order to be classified in class A: ADAM Design House works with Low-E type double glazing or argon that has the ability to prevent up to 50% heat loss compared to the situation in which a lower quality double glazing would be used.

Also, the installation of double glazed windows plays an important role in favoring or preventing condensation. Thus, the installation must be performed by professionals, from the middle of the wall inwards so that there is no heat loss.


Do you want additional information?


How do we identify the exact cause of the condensation of double glazing?


The cause of condensation on PVC windows is quickly identified by professionals starting from its location:

  • when the condensation is located on the surface of the double glazing, then the cause of its appearance is the heating of the house. The explanation is simple: the temperature at the glass surface is lower and the humidity in the room is high. The most prone rooms to condensation on double-glazed windows are kitchens and bathrooms.
  • when condensation is installed between the glass sheets, it is a sealing defect;
  • when the condensation of double-glazed windows is outside, you have no problem – it is a natural process that occurs when there are sudden increases in temperature in the outside environment.


Solutions for reducing the condensation of double-glazed windows


After identifying the situations of condensation of double-glazed windows, we recommend:

In case the condensation appears on the surface of the double glazing

  • use a natural ventilation system – you can opt for ventilation systems with vertical opening, especially when using gas or oil boilers;
  • make sure that the bathrooms or kitchens are properly ventilated – the solution in the case of kitchens is to install hotels;
  • ensure that the interior doors are sealed in order to prevent the transfer of air with a high moisture content;
  • slightly increase the air temperature inside the house, especially during periods when the outside temperature drops sharply;
  • a recommendation when building your home is to place the radiators next to the PVC windows; in this way a constant temperature of the inner glass can be maintained;
  • also pay attention to the positioning of curtains or drapes – it is recommended that they be placed 15-20 cm from the window to allow air circulation;

In case the condensation appears between the double glazing sheets


  • The problem can only be solved by professionals. If you are an ADAM Design customer, you have free after-sales service for a period of 5 years.
  • To recap, if you opt for class A PVC profiles, such as Salamander or Ramplast, and pay special attention to the choice of double-glazed windows, type Low-E or 4Seasons, the causes of condensation are restricted and any problems will be related to ventilation or of inadequate heating of the house.
  • Before the end, all we have to do is recommend you to carefully analyze the causes of condensation on the double-glazed windows and to opt for solutions to reduce it, adaptable to each situation.



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