Components of double glazed windows

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Double glazed windows. When you are thinking of buying a product, definitely look for the technical specifications of that product, especially if it is a field that you do not master. Why? Today the market offers a wide range of products, each different depending on the model, color, quality or design; In these conditions, the need to document before purchasing a product only makes your task easier in the decision-making process – so you will know which is the optimal option according to your requirements.

Regarding the double-glazed windows made of PVC profiles, the technical specifications are explained as if in another language.

What are the components of a double glazed window? What should we pay attention to when checking the quality of such a window?

Probably many of you will answer that there is nothing complicated and that it is about plastic and glass. But things are far from that and a documentation before buying your double glazed windows for your home is more than necessary. Double-glazed windows have certain component parts that make the difference when energy efficiency and interior comfort are taken into account. Moreover, you will be able to understand the price differences between products that look similar but use a different PVC profile or a different color.

Thus, the components of a double glazed window are divided into several categories:

  • PVC profile;
  • glass;
  • hardware;
  • accessory.

Let’s analyze each one and identify together the most important elements that make up a double glazed window …

PVC profile for double glazed windows

The PVC profile shows the reinforcement that practically gives a solid structure both for the double-glazed windows and for the PVC doors. The existing PVC profiles on the market are differentiated by the number of chambers and the sealing gasket; in addition, we must keep in mind that the hardware and reinforcement will be mounted on these PVC profiles.

When choosing a double-glazed window, ask what type of reinforcement it uses for the type of PVC profile you want – the price is largely influenced by the quality of this reinforcement present inside the PVC profile. In addition to stability and durability, reinforcement, along with hardware, plays an important role in protection against burglary. The major advantage of PVC profiles compared to other types of profiles is that the manufacturer can deliver a customized design, the profile can be processed in any shape and size. Also, more recently there are colored foils that can be applied on the PVC profile frame giving a new look and a personalized design to your home!

Double glazed windows

Glass for PVC joinery can be:

  • double glazing, made of two sheets of glass, separated by a metal frame, the space between the two sheets being filled with air or an inert gas that helps seal;
  • trypan glass, made of three sheets of glass;
  • ADAM Design uses this trypan glass on the Salamander, VEKA, or Gealan PVC profiles for better thermal efficiency.
  • The quality of the glass plays a very important role in the quality of the final product, a quality influenced both by the thickness of the glass sheets (ranging between 4 and 6 mm) and by execution – the distance left between the glass sheets, which can reach up to 2 cm.

Tip A: whether you opt for double-glazed or trypan glass, make sure you get high thermal efficiency by using Low-E glass. Low-E glass is a treated glass with the property of retaining heat inside the home, which will ensure high thermal efficiency. It is mounted inside the glass sheets and is one of the best bottles on the market.

The glass used for double glazing can be chosen according to your needs; for example, if your home is exposed to sunlight throughout the day, it is advisable to opt for a superior version of Lowe-E glass such as the Lowe-E 4S. It also has an outdoor reflection film that repels ultraviolet rays during the summer and in the cold season offers high thermal comfort.

But be careful: NEVER use two treated sheets next to each other, such as Low-E glass next to Low-E 4S because there is a risk that they will come into thermal shock and break!

Hardware for double glazed windows

PVC joinery hardware is an essential component for the proper functioning of PVC joinery. ADAM Design House works with quality hardware, such as Roto hardware for joinery made of Salamander PVC profiles, and VORNE hardware for products made of PVC Ramplast profiles. For easy maneuverability over time, there are a few additional elements:

  • oscillating openings that present protection against the wrong operation;
  • safety locks (anti-burglary) for all oscillating openings;
  • ventilation systems to prevent condensation.

Careful! Opt for hardware with as many locking points as possible for PVC joinery, this will ensure better anti-burglary safety as well as better sealing!

Accessories for double glazed windows

PVC joinery accessories are optional elements and can be chosen according to your needs. Among the most popular accessories for PVC carpentry we mention interior or exterior window sills, rolls or shutters, mosquito nets, blinds or blinds, all chosen according to the color of the carpentry. PVC or depending on the design.

Choose quality elements when you want to buy PVC joinery. A slightly higher price for a quality PVC profile pays for itself over time. In addition, a good quality PVC joinery, correctly manufactured and assembled in optimal conditions offers you increased durability over time.

ADAM Design House offers you German quality PVC joinery, ensuring your superior quality of execution and assembly. It also provides a wide range of PVC joinery accessories depending on your needs.


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