Exterior shutters – what do we need to know about them?

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Exterior shutters are most common on farms, especially in France and Spain. From the beginning, the exterior shutters had the role of protecting the windows during strong storms. Over time, they have lost their essential role for which they were created and have become only decorative objects, uninspired and unfortunately wrongly chosen, for the windows of our homes.

Today, exterior shutters are found in a variety of materials: vinyl, wood, composite wood, fiberglass, and others. At ADAM Design House you will find exterior shutters in a multitude of styles and colors that will bring extra elegance to your home, but also the expected functionality.

Types of exterior shutters

Exterior shutters type blinds

Exterior shutters are among the most common types of shutters used. They are available in all materials so that you can choose the one that best suits your home. Used since ancient times, the exterior shutters were used for protection against bad weather, to ensure security and privacy, while allowing light and air to enter the room. Exterior shutters give intimacy to the room, while creating an attractive design through the play of shadows and lights, whether they are fixed or functional.

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Exterior shutters type panels

Exterior panel shutters are a bold choice and are made of materials such as vinyl (PVC), wood, composite wood, and fiberglass. Although very elegant, the exterior panel shutters do not allow light or air to enter your home. These types of exterior shutters are used especially on the ground floor of homes because they offer more privacy and more security than exterior blinds.

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Plate type external shutters

Plate-type exterior shutters are simple, classic shutters made of vertical plates. Vinyl (PVC), wood, and composite wood are used for the exterior type shutters. They are preferred by clients who prefer a timeless style.

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How do we choose the material for exterior shutters?

MDF exterior shutters (and usually covered with another material such as vinyl) look expensive but are cheaper than wooden exterior shutters. Keep in mind that MDF exterior shutters do not behave well in water, swelling over time due to moisture.

Vinyl exterior shutters are the most common exterior shutters on the market. PVC shutters are well known. Their appearance has evolved in step with the architectural trends, so at present you can find them on the market available in various models and colors, being also easy to customize them in tune with the architecture of your home. It is the ideal option for all those who want to provide additional protection to their home.

Exterior shutters made of synthetic foam look like wooden exterior shutters but cost less. They are resistant to both water and fire and are an excellent insulator. Synthetic foam exterior shutters are heavier than wooden ones and cannot be colored, but they are the best choice for those of you who prefer synthetic shutters.

Fiberglass exterior shutters are among the most practical. Fiberglass is an extremely durable material, but also very expensive. The fiberglass exterior shutters do not require special maintenance and are easy to customize, being able to be adapted to each style, shape, and color.

Wooden exterior shutters are the most durable and common exterior shutters. The wood used to create them can range from pine to cedar and any other durable wood. The wooden exterior shutters can be painted in any color and can be decorative, but also functional.

Aluminum exterior shutters are the most sought after due to their durability and protection. The aluminum exterior shutters are robust and weather-resistant, offering maximum protection in any type of weather.



Exterior shutters – advantages

Like the exterior shutters, the exterior shutters not only have the role of beautifying the exterior of the house, but are also very practical. Among their advantages are:

  • Gives intimidation to the home – it is enough to close them to avoid the prying eyes of neighbors;
  • They increase the feeling of security, being extra protection for the windows, the most vulnerable part of the house;
  • They are a good insulator – both in winter and in summer, the exterior shutters have the role of maintaining the internal heat or blocking the external heat to enter the house. This way your bills for thermal energy during the winter will be lower, and those for electricity during the summer will also be reduced;
  • They have an aesthetic role known since ancient times. Depending on the chosen model, the decorations you opt for, the exterior shutters have the role of beautifying the appearance of your home.

Useful advice

Do not underestimate the importance of measurement! Creativity must translate not only into a pleasing aspect but also the functionality. Remember that the shutters must fit exactly inside the window, not too small or too big. If you want to enjoy the usefulness of exterior shutters, we recommend that you turn to specialists when it comes to choosing them. The ADAM Design House team provides you with a team of specialists who will help you think practically and take full advantage of the usefulness of the exterior shutters. You don’t want to give arched shutters to your house’s square windows either, do you?

Remember that the exterior shutters must also open/close! Although it may seem like a joke, when you choose to install exterior shutters this aspect must be taken into account from the very beginning. We return once again to the importance of correct measurements. Exterior shutters are the “eyebrows” of your home and deserve to be treated properly.

Always choose quality, not appearance! Although the difference between the different materials can be more difficult to observe, the quality of the material will influence the subsequent investment in their repair. Don’t skimp when it comes to the quality of the exterior shutters. The maintenance of decorative shutters is more expensive than well-chosen exterior shutters. At ADAM Design House you will find a wide range of exterior shutters, and the specialists here will recommend the material that best suits your purpose.



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